Enjoying El Prat de Cabanes_ Torreblanca.

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Between the municipalities of Cabanes and Torreblanca can be found one of the most important wetlands of the Mediterranean coast. Known as El Prat, it is home to great biodiversity. El Prat is situated very close to the town of Torreblanca and is designated a national  park, the aim being to combine the conservation of the natural environment whilst still allowing it to be enjoyed and used for various activities.

Here, cycling enthusiasts can find a BTT centre ( these have been opened throughout the province by the Deputation of Castellon) which serves as an information point and offers help to those practicing the sport. It also marks the starting point of an interesting cycling route which unites three national parks; El Prat, The Sierra d’ Irta ( to the North) and El Desierto de Las Palmas ( to the South).

For those who prefer walking, there is a 4.5 km circular route which allows hikers to enjoy this gift that nature has bestowed.

During the tourist season, the town hall of Torreblanca organizes guided tours which allow participants to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

The “ Espai Natura” ( nature space) can also be found in the park.; this serves as an information point and also organizes workshops for youngsters so that they can learn to appreciate and respect nature. Learning to construct nests and about the various species that live in the park are just two examples of the activities available for families.

In order to participate in either the guide tours or the workshops, registration is free and takes place in the Tourist Information office.

Birdwatching is also a popular activity on offer in the park and there is an ornithology corner in the Espai Natura which has information and an observation point.

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