Urban art in Torreblanca.

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Torreblanca offers the visitor a great tourist option; it has elements which belong to the world of legend, others which are little known and some which are immediately obvious. The latter is true in the case of The Graffiti Route as Torreblanca is  increasingly recognized as one of the most interesting destinations for fans of street art.

This year the project consists of more than fifty examples of urban art which can be admired either by following the prescribed route or by meandering through the town at leisure as preferred.



As well as its history,  its patrimony and the surrounding nature Torreblanca is a town of the 21st century and this has left its imprint on the streets with an ever more important collection of graffiti. This urban art has been developing in the town since 2015 when it first featured as an activity in the Citrus Festival and it has given Torreblanca an added attraction as many visitors come especially to see the spectacular artwork painted on walls which the buildings owners make available to the artists.

It is, therefore, an activity in which individuals, institutions, organizers and artists participate. It is endorsed by the Unfinished Museum of Urban Art of Fanzara which is a guarantee of quality and of the contemporary relevance of the artwork.

In addition, private companies also support this initiative which was created within the citrus festival.

Today, more than fifty murals can be viewed, distributed throughout the historic centre of Torreblanca and these provide the town with a unique perspective of the urban artistic expression so typical of the early years of the 21st century.

Local, national and international artists participate, creating their works without losing sight of the main objectives of the contest;  to create murals which are “ mostly colourful, vivid and striking with great appeal and visual im

Act which incite their viewers to reflection or contemplation”.

Thus Torreblanca has become an essential destination for admirers of urban art since, in addition to graphic work, there are more than 150 quotes of lyrics or lines from movies distributed both in the town centre and in Torrenostra.


Amongst the latest additions to this open air museum is one dated 2021. It is a work by Alba Bla, located in Calle San Jaime,100… the title is “ I am my Own Light” and the artist herself declares that it is intended to reflect “ all the light and darkness which comes out from within me. It is what defines me, it represents how i really am in the deepest part of my being. My light is my home and my home is my true self at peace”.

More recent, dated 2022; is the work entitled Domingueras, created by Galletamaria who is a specialist in concept art for video games. This work is not free of self criticism. It attempts to convey “ the overcrowding of Levante beaches in August. I try to be kind in terms of colours and shapes because, although we all enjoy a day of sun and beach , it is possible to inhabit them in a conscious and responsible way”. Domingueras is located at  Calle San Carlos 35.

This year, too, the Italian-Argentinian illustrator and muralist, Carola, has left her artistic fingerprint on the streets of Torreblanca. The technique used in her work is spray paint on sheet metal and it can be admired at Calle San Rita 17.

Work number 50, entitled Metricas, is located at Calle Alar 35. This is dated 2021 and is the work of Alessia Innocenti, an artist interested in symmetry and fractal art and who experiments with fluorescent tones. Alessia is also the creator pf another work entitled Morocco.

Little by little, from 2015 to the present day, Torreblanca has become an outstanding destination for those interested in street art and the sustained and constant activity has resulted in a varied and international art collection.